Current Issue

Issue XV is about Women and Intersectionality. It features Kimberlé Crenshaw, Isabel Allende, Soheila Sokhanvari, Ruth Gates, and Saori Yoshida. In addition, we have three powerful commentaries on recent events, written by Emily Floyd, Larkin Stephanos, and Julianna Meneses.

Please note: the links included in these four images above do not work. Please use the file above to access all of the links!

One thought on “Current Issue

  1. Congratulations on yet another fine issue. I applaud your tackling of the sensitive issue of intersectionality.
    The ending of the commentary about Sarah Everard brings me to recommend a magazine called Voice Male: Standing with Women and Men in Chronicling Masculinities Today. This quarterly publication has been “walking the walk” for close to thirty years, with a major focus on exactly what your writer pleads for: Start teaching men not to assault women. The magazine spends most of its ink encouraging men to confront our macho upbringing. I heartily recommend it to you and your readers:
    Please keep these great issues coming — and please keep challenging our assumptions and our privilege .
    –Rabbi Bob Rottenberg, Arcata CA


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